boasts two very qualified contracts consultants.


MICHAEL "OZZY" OSBRINK   is one of our most experienced consultants in his field of expertise. In his previous life he was employed at one of the big three wholesalers for almost a quarter century in Community Retail, LTC, and Specialty Pharmacy Business Development. During his long tenure there he exploded his market and became the most successful Business Development associate in the company’s history. More importantly though is that his clients trusted him because he firmly believed in fair, win-win contracts for both parties. He negotiated drug wholesale contracts with LTC, Community Retail, Health Systems, and Specialty pharmacies and modeled several different variations of contracts. Throughout his career he interacted with 100's of buying groups, group purchasing organizations (GPOs), and wholesalers.

This wide-ranging experience fed his understanding of how wholesalers price Rx, OTC, and Specialty drugs; where the floor is for them; and where each wholesaler or distributor may place miscellaneous costs or special pricing. His value within the contractual process is invaluable; he also has developed processes that go outside the traditional contract negotiation in order to structure deals that may at first glance seem impossible.

He is anxious to use this skill-set to help your company negotiate a high-value Prime Vendor Agreement or Buying Group Contract. Rest assured he will always be 100% wholesaler, GPO, and buying group neutral and will never attempt to showcase one exclusively over the other.  Are you looking for a serious competitive edge for your pharmacy organization? If so, contact Ozzy today to discover how he can help your pharmacy to do just that.

KELLY BOLHOFNER   brings over 19 years of experience working with Health Systems at one of the top three pharmaceutical wholesalers in the country.  Her knowledge and expertise working with IDNs like Mercy Health in St. Louis and Cleveland Clinic and GPOs like Vizient & Premier are unparalleled.  During her tenure she built collaborative relationships with her customers founded on trust and worked tirelessly to identify opportunities for them to maximize profits.  She was a key player in modeling contracts worth millions of dollars in savings each and created extensive responses on behalf of the drug company for various RFPs. She often worked outside the “box” in order to create win-win Prime Vendor agreements for her clients. 


For example, in her previous position one of her clients was moved to secondary status by the wholesaler and she was able to build a contract to keep the pharmacy at a primary COGs for over a year until they transitioned into a primary account. This saved the pharmacy tens of thousands of dollars in their COGs. She also developed unique internal processes for onboarding health system accounts and a comprehensive project plan for GPO contract rolls involving all key stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition.  


She is excited to use her extensive knowledge of the complexities within the healthcare marketplace, data insights, GPOs, and IDNs to help health systems negotiate & lock down a Prime Vendor Agreement that will maximize profits without compromising patient care.  She is committed to handling your RFP process professionally and will always be 100% wholesaler, GPO, and Buying Group neutral.  If you are looking to optimize your Supply Chain and Pharmacy purchasing and bring value to the community and the patients it serves give Kelly Bolhofner a call.


pharmacy MARKETING

JON FLOYD  brings with him 32 years of sales and marketing experience. We are very excited to add Jon to our team of expert consultants. One of the biggest challenges for independent pharmacies is wrestling market share from the big box national retail pharmacies.  An independent pharmacy owner may wonder, “How can I accomplish this large task without the large resources of a national chain?”.


The answer rests in optimizing a pharmacy’s internet marketing strategy. Marketing companies that claim to do this often fall short of this task. Conversely, Jon is a laser-focused marketing consultant garnering praise and accolades from peers, clients, and competitors including, “extremely productive…hitting the sweet spot”, “a solid, knowledgeable source with everything he touches”, and “exploded our Google rankings.”


He has written articles with hundreds of thousands of readers, developed and executed marketing plans which have resulted in millions of dollars in revenue for companies, and he really enjoys helping business owners and managers succeed by creating highly-effective, robust, online-marketing strategies. Reach out to Jon today for more information. 


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Professional Consulting for Community Retail, LTC, Health System, and Specialty Pharmacies


From helping negotiate a wholesaler prime vendor agreement to comparing buying group offers to online marketing support to expertly determining pharmacy automation needs to giving critical advice to a pharmacy startup, our mission is to provide our clients the best consulting experience tailored to their pharmacies. Each consultant has a specific area of expertise and arguably the market leaders in their field. The combination of our breadth of experience and passion to drive growth in the independent pharmacy space gives us the roadway to help our clients become leaders in their individual markets. Each consulting unit is powerful within itself, yet when combined they create multiples in revenue enhancement, cost savings, and resource utilization.


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Negotiating Prowess

Pharmacy organizations are being trapped by one-sided prime-vendor agreements. SRG fills a large gap in the pharmaceutical industry by providing pharmacy companies a strict neutral party to help them negotiate with various drug wholesalers and distributors. We Tip the Scales in Your Favor!

Pharmacy Contracts Consultant

Pharmacy Automation Consultant

Online Marketing Consultant


Contracts Consultant



What's Being Said



“Working with SRG has proven to be very beneficial for our business and my understanding of the drug wholesale industry.  I appreciated Ozzy’s professionalism and experience which allowed us to maximize our cost of goods savings potential. He broke down each wholesaler’s bid to the penny, he asked the right questions, he managed the negotiations tightly, uncovered and corrected errors in each wholesaler’s offer, and created an evaluation process that allowed us to confidently make the best decision for our company. I would highly recommend SRG’s services for any independent pharmacy organization!”

Corey Whitney

COO & VP, Pacific West Pharmacy

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"more coming soon”


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